When Vulnerability Comes Knocking - Time For Solidarity

Bold we know but solidarity - it’s meaning “unity of purpose, interest or empathy” hits the mark with us.

Let’s face it - we’re all lost for words right now.  But we think if we do this (whatever this is) together we’ve got a better chance of coming out of this ok.  Never before has an attitude of win/win been more important.

Feeling vulnerable seems to be the new normal as we navigate our lives both professionally and personally.  As freelancers we have a lot of experience with vulnerability and it’s scary. 

So What Are You Buying?

At Project Lemon Sizzle we really do try and keep our costs down as much as we can but we still experience “oh, we’ll just do it ourselves”. Whilst we do understand the why, we want to help you make the right decision and let you know exactly what you get with us.