When Vulnerability Comes Knocking - Time For Solidarity

Bold we know but solidarity - it’s meaning “unity of purpose, interest or empathy” hits the mark with us.

Let’s face it - we’re all lost for words right now.  But we think if we do this (whatever this is) together we’ve got a better chance of coming out of this ok.  Never before has an attitude of win/win been more important.

Feeling vulnerable seems to be the new normal as we navigate our lives both professionally and personally.  As freelancers we have a lot of experience with vulnerability and it’s scary. 

We know that feeling because more times than you can shake a stick at we haven’t known when our next project was coming in or once a project was complete when the next one would arrive.   Vulnerability hits you physically like a kick in the guts and other times you feel in complete solitude with pure fear because you think no-one else gets it. 

Reaching Out 

That’s why we’re reaching out now. We have wanted to reach out earlier but to be honest we didn’t know what to say or how to say it.  What we do know is asking for help; helps.  We want to answer your questions and share our experience about what we did during our tough times so you feel supported.

If it’s just sharing a problem with us then we’ll cut it up and halve it for you. 

Op(tion) Shopping 

At our meeting last week after discussing the “elephant in the room” we threw around ideas that might help you take the next step or a new step.  

We know there are “brick and mortar” businesses out there that will be looking at getting online as quickly as possible and we can do that. In saying that, we know that there might be some concern about cost and when it comes to talking “shop” we’ve got answers up our sleeve.   

We’ve also been asked about portfolio type one page websites for people who want to offer their professional services remotely or on-site as a contractor and that’s a great option to showcase work history, background and how you work. 

You might have a humdinger of a product or service you want to take globally so do some research and find out how that can be done. It’s all good ground work and time well spent.  

You’re Not Alone 

This isn’t our hard sell.  This is us trying to show you a couple of easy options.   You don’t have to do everything on your own.  In moments of vulnerability you’ll probably feel a good dose of self doubt kick in too but the answer to build yourself up is to get help.  Ask others if they can help you hash things out.  Get that damn vision board out. Remind yourself of the parts you’re most proud of.  


Lessons We’re Learning Along the Way 

There’s so many lessons we’re learning right now.  How to be vulnerable is one of them.  How to be resourceful and innovate is another.  How not to overthink is probably the biggest but our dream (sorry we know a bit fluffy but hey ho it is what it is) is that we all do better together for each other.  

We’re nothing but resilient us lot and nurturing the ability to feel nervous and jump anyway takes courage but we all have the smarts. Success to us means creating meaningful work so others succeed and it’s our favourite thing to do.  Together let’s throw that damn insecurity out the window and remind ourselves that perseverance and our true connection to help others are our greatest assets.

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