So What Are You Buying?

At Project Lemon Sizzle we really do try and keep our costs down as much as we can but we still experience “oh, we’ll just do it ourselves”. Whilst we do understand the why, we want to help you make the right decision and let you know exactly what you get with us. 

Brand Strategy

Part of what makes a website go from good to great is having a clear brand strategy.  We work with you to ensure we understand your business inside and out before we start anywhere.  This research and development part is where we can make all the difference because we spend hours working on getting those key messages, design and your story just right.

Point to remember; your copy writing, graphic design and web development doesn’t just have to be just right for you, it has to be just right for your target market too.


It takes years of constant practice and upskilling to produce great copy, design and web development.  This is our job; we’re trained professionals in communications and technology so we know what your market are looking for.  

We know how to tell your unique brand story over and over again, in lots of different ways.  We know you can write but do you know what to write?  Does your copy sound professional and enticing?  Is your branding engaging with your market?  Does your website function the way it should to get you the results you want?


What people may not see when it comes to creating a website or other forms of marketing is the hours of work and thought that goes on behind the scenes.  There’s tonnes of research and throwing around of ideas before we get it just right.  It’s like making a movie – we have a process to follow, we have ideas to generate and then we have to make the thing and then we edit and cut the bits we don’t like.  That takes a lot of energy because we want you to be over the moon with the results.

You don’t just get a website or brand with us.  You get strategy and that is huge if you want your marketing to work.  We don’t leave you out of the picture, in fact part of our process is to help you understand the what, why how.  Many of our clients continue to engage our services because we’ve been with them at the beginning explaining why we do things a certain way and their confidence and trust with us grows.  

We think that speaks volumes for any potential new clients who need transparency around what they are paying for.  Honestly you always walk away with just that lot more from Project Lemon Sizzle.  If you’d like to find out more, we would love to to offer our free no-obligation consultation so at the very least you have lots more key information to make the right decisions. 

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