How did we arrive here at Project Lemon Sizzle?

Serendipity of course, because when great things are meant to happen they just do.

The name Project Lemon Sizzle is an amalgamation of our own freelance brands and we love it because we thrive on originality and being a bit different from all the rest.

So who are we? Well, there’s me, Cherie, the one doing all the writing (or the talking), and I’m really into copywriting and web marketing. I won’t go on because it’s not nice to waffle, but I love turning words into exceptional copy that makes your brand and business sing, and I do this by telling one hell of a great story.

Then there’s a sassy graphic designer, Sarah-Jayne. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she creates the most incredible design. When you make a statement like that you have to back it up and we can. If you’ve got it then flaunt it, we say. She’ll flaunt you all over the place.

Next up is Andrea – our wonderful “triangle”, who is our super-intelligent web developer (she used to be a scientist so there you go). Why is she our “triangle”? Well, she likes things, including websites and people, to get to the point. Cool aye!

So there you have it, a juicy combo of of marketing and communication specialists and ideas generators who can’t wait to get to work with you. So far we’re having a blast so join us at Project Lemon Sizzle and we’ll get you all fired up and ready for some action!