The New Honey Bliss Site is Buzzing!

What do you do when you need a fresh look and feel to your website? Have a read and see exactly what we did for the new HoneyBliss site.

Online marketing has to ensure the website looks the business, as well as does the business. We start with the vision for the new look and feel website and then dig a bit deeper into how we’re going to achieve this.

The Project Lemon Sizzle team met with Margie, Honeybliss owner/operator, as a group to discuss strategy and the requirements for a top performing e-commerce site. As a team, we work collaboratively on our own areas of expertise and bring them all together to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

The request was to improve sales and make the website look and sound irresistible, a word we don’t actually throw around lightly, even though we do use it confidently.

Design Review and Refreshers

As the graphic designer my job was to look at what Honeybliss had now and how I could improve it, without losing what Margie already loved and had connected with as far as her branding was concerned.

When it came to the website I knew immediately to make the most impact I needed to tone down the brightness of the background to highlight the Honeybliss brand and product. It’s a balancing act because you want to make the right impression and not just the first time. So the task was to create a subtle, background (don’t you just love the bee doing the “waggle dance”?) that worked beautifully with the main graphics. The background doesn’t smack you in face and it’s not supposed to, but it is quietly attractive luring the visitor to take a look around.

The different banner image design and layout allows the visitor a snap shot of what’s going on. Each banner has a purpose and is there to get a reaction – you can “Ask Margie” for specific information, you can “Shop Now” for a quick buy, you can subscribe to “E-Buzz” news and even “Host a Party”.

Honeybliss had lots of gorgeous products already featuring on the website but like most websites it had started to morph and get disjointed. The “Power of Three” layout was the best way to group relevant items into their own area so my job was to design and create smart buttons for Manuka Skincare, Manuka Healing and Animal Care. Margie has already been told by more than one person how easy it is to find what they are looking for now – job done!

Interact not Distract

I was very aware that, for HoneyBliss, (and this relates to any website I design for) that it is vital for the users to interact with your graphics, images and illustrations, but not distract. What does this mean? Basically, prior to redesigning and refreshing the HoneyBliss site there was just too much going on from a design perspective and content perspective. It was too “busy” but by stripping it back and using clever design, functionality and content, you’re driving visitors to take an action e.g. buy, subscribe, contact etc.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this HoneyBliss project, and working with small businesses to help them with their success – it’s what I love the most.

The feedback on the new refreshed Honeybliss site has been extremely positive. Margie is thrilled with the overall look and feel of the site but also that it’s delivering better sales results too. One woman’s vision to create a refined, elegant product and brand is truly inspirational.

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